Dryers & Condensate Management

Powerful dryers and coalescing filters

With dryers, coalescing filters and condensate management systems, you can rest assured that your compressed air is clean and dry. These powerful systems remove the moisture, carryover oil, and other foreign substances that contaminate your equipment and lead to failure. Let our experienced technicians show you the right system for your job.

A complete selection of filters and dryers

  • Refrigerant dryers

  • Desiccant dryers

  • Coalescing filters

  • Desiccant cartridge filters

  • Condensate management systems

Condensate management systems make cleanups and maintenance easier

The right coalescing filter or condensate management system can minimize your maintenance and downtime costs. Your equipment will operate more efficiently and you can reduce cleanup costs and avoid potential fines and negative publicity. Get a reliable scientific solution to the problem of dealing with lubricant waste and contamination.

Get factory-authorized services for all major brands in Northern Michigan.

Enjoy manufacturers' warranties on specific products.

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