Lubricants & Filters

Dependable compressor filters and lubricants

Using high-quality oil and filters in your compressor can keep it running longer and more reliably; you’ll find a superb selection of lubricants and filters at Airlex Service and Sales. Let our expert technicians help you choose the perfect oil and filters to extend your system’s life. You can even have us perform an oil analysis report to make sure your system runs properly.


A complete inventory of premium filters

    • Compressor, dryer, and in-line air system filters

    • Air filters

    • Oil filters

    • Separator filters

    • Coalescing filters

    • OEM and aftermarket filters

Prevent unnecessary overhauls with our oil analysis report

An oil analysis report is a fantastic way to check your compressor and catch a small problem before it grows into a larger, more expensive problem. When you have us perform an oil analysis, you learn if the correct oil is being used and if the equipment is clean and in good condition. Spotting trouble before a major breakdown can help you SAVE on operating costs and repairs.

Get factory-authorized services for all major brands in Northern Michigan.

Enjoy manufacturers' warranties on specific products.

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