Oil Analysis Report

SAVE on repairs with an oil analysis report

With an oil analysis report from Airlex Service and Sales, you can catch small problems before they turn into catastrophic ones. When you fix them early, you can SAVE by avoiding costly future repairs, breakdowns, and downtime. Let our knowledgeable technicians inspect your compressor and its oil today. To learn more and get a FREE over-the-phone estimate, please call 231-929-1601.

Factory-authorized compressor service

If we detect a problem, you can have us perform factory-authorized services to fix the problem quickly and put your air compressor back to work.

Keep up to date on your compressor's performance

When you have Airlex Service and Sales analyze your compressor and provide you with an oil analysis report, you always know how it’s functioning and how effective your maintenance practices are.

  • Determine if the correct oil is being used

  • Insure that your equipment is clean and in good shape

  • Spot trouble before a major breakdown

Get factory-authorized services for all major brands in Northern Michigan.

Enjoy manufacturers' warranties on specific products.

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